YOUR tracking solution in the logistics sector

Harmony Finale is the packaging solution for sensitive documents after the production process.
Packaging hierarchies with bundles, bags, various outer cartons and pallets can be flexibly defined for each product type and linked to the shipping order. The required unique identifiers can be generated in the system itself or imported. Harmony Finale can handle all common barcodes, as well as RFID. The system also allows you to define individual labels for each packaging step.

Packaging hierarchy data is stored audit-proof in a database and is always live and available for subsequent searches and analysis, so you always have a complete overview. Defined reports through to inventory lists for the shipping order can be created and printed.

The graphic user consoles are optimized to each individual process step for the specific customer. Stringent user guidance reduces human errors and increases process reliability.


Your advantages

100% traceability of products in the packaging hierarchy

Flexible aggregation levels and labels can be defined for each application

Supports common barcode formats and RFID

Targeted user guidance reduces process errors

Generate reports and inventory lists for shipping

Auditable logging of aggregation data