Security bags are used for transporting money, as well as in aviation and medicine. They are also used to store retained samples and the test and reference items of a whole batch. They are typically made of a multilayer polyethylene film, which is tear-resistant, temperature-resistant and water-repellent. And they almost always have tamper-proof, non-removable coding or numbering, which make the security bags unique, individual and identifiable.

Combined with the security lock, this numbering is a guarantee against tampering and misuse of the security bags, because it contributes significantly to ensuring that the bag can be traced.

ZEISER also provides a tuned system for security bags, made up of numbering with UV-curable security ink, optical inspection and secure traceability. The perfect interaction of INKJET, INSPECTION and IDENTIFICATION in a smooth, simple and efficient printing process – coordinated via INTEGRATION controllers from Zeiser.