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Dealing with Corona at ZEISER

Dear Partners,

The current situation is still unfamiliar to all of us but we need to act professionally and calm. We at ZEISER would like to stay in close contact with you and update you on the measures and precautions we take within our organization.

Our Group-wide taskforce continuously monitors and evaluates the situation on a daily basis. All measures advised by the WHO and the authorities are implemented instantly. Moreover, further rules of conduct are followed in order to do justice to the situation.

We have restricted the amount of staff per office and offer our employees to work in their homes wherever possible. In case of the infection rate exceeding 50 people per 100,000 citizens regionally, we have created an action plan that is ready to be implemented. All necessary measures have been introduced to help curbing the spread.

We know that ZEISER products are crucial for the security printing industry and therefore we will do our best to have an ongoing manufacturing and supply process. These processes are currently not at risk.

Due to the stop of travelling activities, we would like to point to all active communication channels:

– Website: www.zeiser.com
– Switchboard:
+49 7465 9278 – 0
– Email:
Firstname.Lastname@zeiser.com or sales@zeiser.com or management@zeiser.com

We are happy to establish conference calls or Skype video sessions to stay in contact with you.

All the best for you and your families – stay healthy!

Thorsten Tritschler


Since Mr. Alois Zeiser founded ZEISER in 1955, the company has specialized in the production of high precision numbering systems. In 1991, the company merged with US-based Atlantic Control Systems to form Atlantic Zeiser. In the mid 1990s, with the increasing demand of variable serialization, Atlantic Zeiser added non-impact inkjet technology to its portfolio. The new digital inkjet technology was not only used in the security printing field, but also deployed for card personalization and packaging printing applications. Since 2002, the company has been a part of Switzerland-based Orell Füssli Group, the official printer of the Swiss banknote. After the sale of the digital printing and card business to Coesia SpA, the company is now again focused on supplying the security printing industry with impact and non-impact serialization solutions. In the same course, Atlantic Zeiser was renamed to ZEISER.

„What counts is our promise – distinctive, identifiable, traceable:
ZEISER – Creating Identity.

Thorsten Tritschler,
Managing Director ZEISER GmbH

Zeiser banknotes and security numbering

The ideal solution for each application

From simple standard designs, to sequential numbering and complex, computer-controlled systems with check digits and any kind of skip (up to 53 digits), ZEISER offers state-of-the-art numbering systems for printing alphanumeric characters and barcodes in a wide range of sizes. Countless types of engravings and fonts are available upon request and are customizable for you.

ZEISER numbering

Simple, continuous, computer-controlled

ZEISER control and inspection systems

Fast and accurate

ZEISER inkjet security printing

For the serialization and customization of security documents and variable data imaging

Commercial and security printing requires the highest precision. ZEISER offers the printing systems for every application. Sustainable with water-based or UV/LED-curable inks. ZEISER solutions are state-of-the-art and efficient raising the bar in terms of productivity and versatility.

ZEISER software solutions

For serialization and trake & trace applications

Software solutions specially developed for the serialization of various products at ZEISER.

Play Safe – Print Safe – Be Safe

Zeiser applications

It is quite possible that we met long ago – be it in the form of security documents, banknotes or tax stamps.

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